Happy Thanksgiving!

Love and gratitude. Two feelings that are capable of healing any pain in this world. Perhaps you might be already familiar with Masaru Emoto’s experiment with water molecules. They formed beautiful crystal shapes when exposed to vibrations of these two words, rather feelings and for the opposites, the shapes were not very sightly. The calming hormones that our body generates in response to these feelings create wonders inside our bodies and heal every cell in it.

But what is it that we give away when we show love towards another? What is it that another being gives us that makes us feel so wonderful inside and we call that gratitude, being cared for, being loved? Love is when you give away a part of yourself to another being with no limits, no conditions. Gratitude is when you experience this as an object of that love from another. They both are the same in that sense. One is outgoing and one is incoming. They essentially are two sides of the same coin.

Its time of the year when everyone is remembering the feelings of gratitude and sharing love, within family and beyond. It’s wonderful. For me, I had always experienced love within family and friends – known faces. But sometimes we don’t have that cover. That’s when I got to see how the whole world around me was showering love as if they were so delicately holding me in their palm. That feeling of gratitude which filled my heart and overflowed, I could and would never forget. During that time, I was physically incapable of doing anything and would wonder what am I going to eat for the next meal. But so many hands came to feed me. Every day was a miracle. So many people, whom I had met for the first time in my life, went out of their way to make me feel cared for, feel special. This world is a wonderfully warm place and it is my duty to do my part to keep it that way! Happy Thanksgiving!



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