About Me

Hello and a warm welcome to my little speck in the vast universe of Internet! My name is Durga. I’m a computer science engineer and have my roots in India. I am passionate about science, spirituality, women empowerment, religious scriptures, fitness, health, self development and parenting. I love books and believe that learning is a life long process. I have two lovely kids and enjoy growing up as a parent with them.

I write about Hinduism more than other religions simply because I have seen it from my childhood and practice it in my life. I feel that religion is simply a tool for spiritual progress and should be treated as a personal choice because spirituality is a journey inwards and is very personal for each individual.

This blog is a collection of my thoughts, tiny struggles, little insights, the ah-ha moments and some lessons that I picked up along my journey.  I think these could add value to anyone sharing the same interests and serve as a repository in future for me and, hopefully, my kids when they try to look back in time.

I hope you find something that I write or think or narrate that touches some part of you! If so, feel free to give a like. I welcome your thoughts, so if you have a quick moment, do drop in a line or two! If you want to get updates when I post something new, follow my blog.

Peace and Love!