I recently chanced upon the topic of getting judged based on one’s skin-tone, starting at a tender age. Every time I heard comments on those lines, I used to cringe a little inside. It is very real in our society and it was heartwarming to see fellow moms doing an awesome job trying to change that mindset with our next generation. It got me thinking on how this color was perceived earlier, and how we got misled into believing a darker skin-tone is anything lesser for a human being! A little poem dedicated to those who faced it, hoping it brings a smile and a little sunshine to their beautiful being!

Black is kindness
when the dark sky opens up it’s bounty as rain to the parched ground!

Black is strength
in the shiny stallion that races against the lashing wind!

Black is boldness
for that single dot that stands out against a background of white!

Black is peace
when life takes a pause in the stillness of the night!

Black is divinity
for the sculptor’s chisel that moulds God’s form onto granite!

Black is mystic
for every Gopika who dances to Krishna’s flute!

Black is beauty
in form and character of Draupati, the princess born out of soot!

Black is warmth
to the baby growing in it’s mother’s womb!

Black is love
in the kajal tika a mom puts from her eyes on her baby’s cheeks!

Black is vastness
of space that holds within it, everything big and small

Black is the unknown, the un-manifest, the incomprehensible;
Black is the very color of God!


Give Yourself Time!

There she was, as an egg
on a lush mulberry leaf.
Holding strong against the winds;
gripping against the lashing rains.
Look at her resilience, they wondered!

Into a lovely green caterpillar,
she hatched, with numerous legs.
As she inched, she devoured every bit
of food that her tiny mouth could bite!
We see a lot of potential in her, they thundered!

Then she did what she was born to do;
She weaved around herself, a coccoon.
And for not hours but days together,
she just refused to move.
They couldn’t believe their sight!
Numerous questions revealed their plight!

Is that all you are capable of, now?
What do you do inside all day?
It’s a pity, all that energy, all that promise
should totally go to a waste!

An utter disappointment she was,
failing to meet their standards of Gold!
Alas, she failed to rise
to be worthy of anybody’s praise!

And then one day the cocoon withered,
she remained green no more.
She had lost her shape and her legs
that she flaunted not so long ago.

But now she had vibrant colorful wings.
She soared to the sky, her ties to the ground broken!
And then there was their complete silence;
An ultimate tribute to her life and her transformation!

Dedicated to every mom who found motherhood transformative, especially to those who worked hard in early years to carve an identity only to leave it all behind for their loved ones, struggling with a loss of identity and receding into their cocoon, fighting loneliness, self doubts and societal expectations.

Hold on girl, worry not about loss
of your earlier color or limbs,
for you are busy right now
growing a colorful pair of wings!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Raindrops, You And I






Raindrops, you and I
Dropping down from the sky
All so pure, all the same
Bearing neither form nor name!

We reach the ground
One fine day;
Where ever we fall
It’s the destiny, we call!

We pick up colors and smells;
We take shapes and forms.
Everything that is bound
Are acquired on the ground

Drops on trees look green
Those in the ocean taste salty.
Drops on flowers smell sweet
Drops on bees think honey is a treat!

These drops, once so pure,
can’t be imagined so anymore;
Tangled and embroiled with everything else
Isn’t that the essence of this journey called life?

All these separations still
can’t prevent these drops from joining at will!
They join to form puddles and lakes,
Streams, rivers and Oceans too.

Then the drops change form,
Rising up to the heaven or sky;
Forming clouds floating by
To wait until they descend once again!

The Island


Lets go to this place
that is not too far, yet much forgotten;
This island for one
where other than you, there is none.

You are no mother or father
nor daughter, sister, uncle or a son;
Except for your one single self
You are in no other relation.

You have nothing to possess
nothing to show off to the world.
Everything there is, everything you need
just to be used and left behind.

No big house, no posh car, no shiny shoes
no branded clothes, no accessories either.
Not even banks to tally your net worth;
All in abundance, but nothing your own.

Not even a mirror
to admire your face or features
Nobody with whom you have the need to compare
You are the one and only there,
not even an audience to cheer!

Stripping off all these distractions,
you are left with your core – 
the values, principles and meaning, 
things that matter to you the most!

This person, in this stillness
when have you met him or her?
Gender too, does it really matter?
How friendly is he to you and you to him?

Other’s thoughts, words and actions fade into a low hum;
what you think of others too is no more than tides on the distant shore.
Now just within you, with you and by yourself,
soak in every drop of this magnificient silence!

Valuing this self and treating him with kindness
and planning a frequent little retreat together 
will keep you strong and grounded on shifting sands
and when riding the tide of time!